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Mob rules; interesting look at the direction the internet is taking these days

http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/society-and-culture/mob-rules-when-twitterverse-crowd-turns-feral-20111203-1ocl2.html Mob rules when twitterverse crowd turns feral Bruce Guthrie December 4, 2011OPINION ‘There’s a downside – it’s appalling what people will say anonymously.’ Photo: Phil Carrick Recent roastings of public identities portray a very antisocial social media. HAVE you noticed … Continue reading

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More insight into Trip Advisor and its money making machine

http://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-advisor/how-to-not-get-sued-using-tripadvisor/story-fn6sg2rl-1226040821794 How to not get sued using TripAdvisor   ON the hoteliers’ list of most despised things, TripAdvisor is near the top – along with bed-bugs, trashed rooms and guest mini-bar malpractices. I’ve never particularly been a fan of TripAdvisor’s reviews … Continue reading

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Insights into Trip Advisor

    http://www.foodvacation.com/id40.html The User Review Phenomenon: Big Money & Retaliation “Objective” review sites sell a new kind of entertainment in part through sensationalist reviews and forum chatter, and make money by selling advertising and links to Internet reservation sites. … Continue reading

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Trout Point Lodge of Nova Scotia press release

See TPL press release and what appears to be TripAdvisor manipulating hotel reviews, what about “get the truth before you go”???? Is TripAdvisor committing a travel scam when they claim to offer “real hotel reviews you can trust” Posted on September 18, … Continue reading

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