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Hotels blackmailed with bad reviews Advertisements

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TripAdvisor reviews used as blackmail     TripAdvisor Reviews Used as Blackmail According to hotel owners, guests are using reviews on TripAdvisor to blackmail them. About 80 hotels and bed-and-breakfasts are claiming that customers are threatening to give them a bad review in order … Continue reading

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Let´s start our “fam” trip with the TALF- Trip Advisor London forum

TALF is the core of Trip Advisor´s civilian militia. Look around and send a comment with your email, which I will not post. Contribute Share your knowledge about London! Add a new Traveler Article!    Add a new topic    Need … Continue reading

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Coming soon, “Who is Who” at Trip Advisor

The Tallfies, the invisible hands of Trip Advisor and its staff.

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Here is an example of the kind of active role Trip Advisor plays in manipulating properties popularity indices /STAFF/Technology/DIGITAL LIFE Online reviews: Controversy growing amid charges of fake reviews, defamatory comments November 15, 2011. 7:48 am • Section: Digital Life, STAFF Recently I wrote a story about user-generated reviews and the growing controversy over the issue of fake reviews. In the … Continue reading

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Truth in travel

What was that supposed to mean?

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way too little way too late, why help them make money at all???

TripAdvisor launches hotline for disgruntled hoteliers November 9, 2011 — Travel review site TripAdvisor has beefed up its customer care in the UK following criticism from accommodation owners that it’s guilty of unfairly damaging their reputations. The site is facing … Continue reading

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